Streamline Processes for a Peaceful and Efficient Practice

Imagine you are at a high-end restaurant. Quiet, ambient piano music is playing softly while a waiter, speaking hardly above a whisper, serves you an elegant dish on an immaculate plate and gently pours you a glass of wine. Now imagine being escorted to the kitchen to compliment the chef – the kitchen is boisterous, pots and pans and profanity flying every which way, a cacophony of chaos.  flower-69722_1280

In order to maintain an atmosphere of peace and therapeutic calm for our patients, they must not observe the chaos that ensues when a chart gets misplaced, when a piece of equipment is malfunctioning, when a doctor is late arriving from surgery, etc. They must always observe a well-run, efficient practice.

It may sound like a fantasy, but making some small, subtle changes can make this a reality in your practice. Then, you will not need to put on a show, erecting a carefully-constructed façade of order; patients will be observing things as they really are, peaceful and well-organized.

balance-1677130_1280Putting thoughtful processes in place long before patients arrive to the office will help to avoid scenarios wherein chaos or frustration are likely to ensue. Charts can be prepared a week in advance at a designated time, for instance. Scheduling templates in your EMR system can be prepared even further in advance. Staff can be given a “snapshot” of the week ahead so they understand what they can prepare ahead of time.

Those of us who have cooked a successful Thanksgiving dinner can tell you if all dishes were required to be cooked at the same time, we would run out of burners and sanity quite quickly! So determine what can be done in advance to make the day itself run more smoothly. Make sure rooms are stocked at the end of each day when shutting them down so that they are ready the next morning. Utilize downtime to take inventory and order needed supplies. None of this will prepare you for emergency situations, but it will eliminate unnecessary stresses and contribute to an overall feeling among staff and patients of calm collectiveness.

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