Welcome to the EyeTechs product market!

Eyetechs currently offers three unique and versatile products:

The Technician Training Manual addresses the trend of training people without a healthcare background to become ophthalmic technicians. Readings and quizzes are included and coincide with the on-the-job training.

The MASK-it Eye Patch successfully fulfills an unmet need. It overcomes all the problems and shortcomings of the existing monocular devices. The MASK-it Eye Patch is not limited to one particular test, nor is it limited to single-use, but may be re-used on the same patient, for the second eye.

The Suggested Triage Guidelines is a spiral-bound set of flow sheets that is meant to be used to train new call center or reception staff to successfully triage inbound patient calls. This will enable them to provide the patient with an appropriate
appointment without putting them on hold or having to call them back. Your patients will be pleased by the knowledgeable and immediate response; the staff member will feel productive and the doctors and technicians will not be interrupted from their work.