Services We Offer

Consulting Services

Our consultants will focus on your clinical operation so you can focus on the practice of medicine.

We bring our years of experience in the ophthalmic setting to your office, whether it involves analyzing your ophthalmic schedules, helping you transition to an Electronic Medical Record, or evaluating your use of ophthalmic clinical space and your workflow processes.

We will help you eliminate redundancies and offer revenue-generating opportunities not yet explored. Our certified ophthalmic staff will offer suggestions to enhance your patient satisfaction and assess your ophthalmic technicians’ competencies. Our onsite ophthalmic technician training services will provide you with the certainty that your staff is performing consistent to the standards of your ophthalmology practice.

Technician Assessment & Training

We pride ourselves on customizing our onsite training to the needs of your clinical staff since no two practices are the same. We work with brand new hires as well as more experienced, certified technicians. Among our onsite offerings are:

  • History Taking in Ophthalmology
  • Accurate Visual Acuity
  • Ancillary Testing including Pupillary Function, Confrontational Visual Fields and Motility
  • Tonometry including Goldmann, Tonopen and iCare Tonometer
  • Refraction Training
  • Biometry: Immersion A-Scan and IOL Master
  • Optic Nerve Analysis including OCT and HRT


It’s not uncommon for ophthalmic administrators and physicians to assume all clinical staff are performing skills consistently and that the documented results are accurate. As part of Eyetechs’ clinical offerings, we will observe your technicians as they perform actual patient work-ups, and evaluate their skills for proper technique and comprehension.

From that information, we can then instruct your staff in the proper techniques and provide your doctors with the confidence that the staff is performing consistently with one another and to the doctors’ expectations.

Are you concerned about hiring new technicians? We can also help you develop a personalized training program to use for new ophthalmic medical personnel.

Continuing Education

We have worked with our clients on the following areas:

  • Optics and Hands on Refractometry
  • Taking a Thorough Ocular History
  • The Fine Art of Scribing
  • Keratometry
  • A-Scans
  • OCT

Many of these include hands-on workshops on your equipment, which provides your techs with familiarity of the instruments they use most often.

Eyetechs also offers regional seminars and workshops. We would be happy to work with a regional group of practices or a state society to offer continuing education courses to the area’s ophthalmic medical personnel.

Scribe Training

Whether your practice is on an electronic medical record, or using paper charts, the integration of a scribe is an increased efficiency which can lead to improved revenue.  Having begun her ophthalmic career as a scribe, Jane Shuman views this position as an integral part of the clinical team.

Our consultants will train your staff on the importance of accurate documentation which will justify the code billed. This includes modification of the HPI, the exam components and plan.  The need to order any diagnostic tests and a well phrased plan will complete the training.

A scribe will also be able to provide patient education so the patient leaves confident with the care he or she received.

Schedule Development

An improperly developed master schedule may leave your patients waiting to be worked up, dilating far longer than is necessary or creating a logjam for rooms.

We often find that changes to the master templates not only lead to an efficient practice, but also increase the revenue generated without increasing costs.

We will evaluate your schedules to ensure your resources are maximized and that patients are getting in and out in a timely manner. We will make recommendations to you, or work with you to develop and implement a more efficient, more productive master schedule for all the ophthalmologists and optometrists in your office.

Clinical Space Analysis

One of the keys to an efficient practice is the efficient use of space.

Whether you are expanding or building an addition to your current office, Eyetechs will evaluate your plans and make recommendations for patient flow through the clinic. We can ensure that your office is designed to be as patient-friendly as possible. Without the right design, mistakes can become evident on your very first day of operation.

Eyetechs can help you avoid those mistakes, whether we work with you on-site or remotely.