Relieve Workplace Stress to Increase Revenues

Workplace stress has reached epidemic proportions in our competitive corporate atmosphere, and is especially palpable in the high-stakes field of medicine. Stress is such a commonplace part of our lives – American author Jane Wagner says “reality is the leading cause of stress amongst those in touch with it,” – that many of us discount its disastrous impact in our places of business. Recent research by the American Psychological Association (APA) indicates that a whopping 75% of employees consider their jobs to be major sources of stress. More than half of those stress-at-worksurveyed feels their productivity is negatively impacted by their job stress, and almost half state that they forego vacations, so needed to recharge and return to work with renewed purpose. The research indicates that those in the medical field are especially vulnerable to workplace stress.
This doesn’t just impact the rank and file employees, though – these issues trickle up and impact those at the very top. Stress costs business in the United States about $300 billion annually – in absenteeism, reduced productivity, employee burnout and disability, greater employee turnover, and higher medical and insurance fees.
We have all heard a dearth of platitudes to help alleviate workplace stress, from take 10 deep breaths to stay hydrated to creating a calmer, more fun workplace environment, and the statistics enumerated above certainly illuminate the financial incentive to decrease stress in the workplace, but how best to go about it? The APA found that a chief stressor for lower-level employees is a lack of clarity about and a functional understanding of their job. Whether this is due to muddy wording in their job description or a lack of adequate coaching, an employee will feel far more comfortable and less stressed in their position if they understand it fully, and that necessitates rigorous, formal required training for these individuals. You’ll not only save money as noted above, you may just save your employee’s sanity!

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