Personality Test When Hiring… Really?

There are certain things you just can’t train, and personality is one of them. We all know that personality traits are just as important as the ability to learn a new skill. So why not incorporate a simple personality test into your hiring routine?

Arguably the hiring process is just as important as the training process. If you start off with a great candidate who is smart and has the drive to learn almost any training program will be a success. Once you spend valuable time and energy developing a training program you need to select the right candidates to get the desired outcome.

Start by evaluating your hiring process, who is involved in your hiring team? Not only should the administrator or clinic manager do the initial interview but consider having your lead technician or lead trainer as part of the process as well.  Have the qualified  interviewee return to follow the lead tech and various staff members in clinic, shadowing work ups and diagnostic tests. This gives the trainer time to asses the personality traits of the applicant and get the input of future peers.  A candidate is often on his or her best behavior for “a boss” but may display other aspects of her personality to future co-workers.

Prior to the interview, have a list of questions ready to ask the interviewee that not only addresses technical skills but personality traits such a dependability, honesty, teamwork, etc.  Behavioral type questions such as, how did you handle a customer (someone from another field) that was angry with your response to a question?

The new technician should fit into the culture of your practice and demonstrate desired personality traits during the interview process. Finding an appropriate personality test to administer during the interview can be challenging, a great and easy test to use is called “True Colours Test.” It uses a questionnaire process to determine the “color” category of the applicant’s personality. Consider giving the same test to current employees to see what “colors” make up your clinic now. Obviously, this depends on the applicant being honest with their answers, but it can be a great tool to ensure your new hire is trainable and a good culture fit.

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