Pandemic How To: Technician Training

Chances are your clinic’s schedule has been affected by COVID-19 and you’ve had to make some changes. Patient exam times may be longer due to additional cleaning protocols and waiting times. Staffing needs may also be changing during these times which means you now have the opportunity to revisit your hiring and training procedures.

If there is a silver lining during this pandemic it may be that more extensive technician training can be done during clinic hours. Perhaps previously the clinic schedule did not allow for appropriate training opportunities. But now that a less experienced technician can shadow your all-star technician to refine their skills. Small groups of technicians can participate in retinoscopy or refraction training. A lead tech can head up these small groups where technicians can learn from one another or participate in a web-based training session.

Scribe training can be time consuming and requires attention to detail, which can be difficult in a fast-paced clinic environment. With a lighter patient load scribes can be trained more effectively and have more time with their trainer. If staffing allows small groups can formed with a focus on refining scribing skills.

The learning that take place during small group training or one-on-one training is invaluable. If your patient load currently allows for increased training opportunities, why not take advantage of it? Your staff will not only appreciate the quality time spent honing their skills, but it will increase their efficiency when patient load increases.

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