New Technologies in Your Practice – Is Your Tech Ready?

The day that a long-awaited upgrade or new piece of equipment arrives in your office, cheers ring out from your eager staff and doctors. Surely, this new technology will improve the standard of care for existing patients and may even attract new ones. Before the purchase was made, the financial implications were considered. How much does it cost? How long will it take to recoup the investment and until it becomes profitable? Was one of your considerations what might hamper that process – the untrained tech? 

Unless a tech has been formally trained on how to use the piece of equipment, how to clean it, how to transport it safely if necessary, how to care for it, how to explain what it does and what to expect to a patient, how it interfaces with your practice’s EMR software, how to speak about it and perform with it with authority, you have purchased a very expensive paperweight!

Training of newer techs is often informal, left under the purview of more senior staff members. Without control over the info the techs receive, you cannot be sure correct and compliant information has been transmitted. There are many wonderful resources for formal tech training, ranging from online modules to pre-certification prep courses to lectures and workshops you can hold in your office to ensure that the most possible staff members get to benefit from the information.

Some practices have made such training mandatory, both assigning training modules and subsidizing the cost of the study materials and applications for certification and arranging formal training sessions in-office after hours. Those practices that have been most education-centric have seen their patients, their practices, and their bottom lines benefit exponentially.

To get the most out of the technologies in which you invest, make formal tech training part of your implementation plan!

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