How Much Does Tech Training Contribute to Your Practice’s Welfare?

When administrators run your reports, you see many tangible items you can measure in dollars and cents to evaluate what is working for your practice and what isn’t – out of pocket services, referral sources, premium lenses, etc. One item that you won’t training-1848689_1280see on any report you can run or balance sheet you can produce but you can notice if you know where to look is tech training – a small investment associated with massive dividends.

How does a well-trained tech translate into dollars and cents? A few ways:

  • Productivity: a well-trained tech is an efficient tech, performing high-level tasks at an affordable rate of pay which free up the more expensive time of doctors to create the ability to see more patients in a day and generate greater income for the practice.
  • Lowered Stress: workplace stress costs US corporations $300 billion annually. A major factor in reducing workplace stress is a staff which fully understand their role and their job.
  • Fewer Costly Mistakes: a tech confident in their training will make fewer mistakes than one who is unsure of and uncomfortable in their job.
  • More Streamlined Workplace: actions can be reorganized by a well-trained tech, reducing wasted time and unnecessary anxiety.
  • Can Become a Leader: a tech who is well-trained can become a leader of other, less-experienced technicians, making them a financial boon to your practice.
  • Improved Patient Care: the most important point – besides making fewer errors, a well-trained tech can boost your practice’s standard of care; their advanced training allows them to explain things to patients authoritatively, ensure the paperwork is error-free, and guarantee that the patient’s every visit is a pleasant one. This will prompt patients to recommend your practice to friends and family – an immeasurably valuable referral source.

A well-trained tech is efficient, happy, calm, confident, organized, pleasant – the real question is, how can you afford not to have a practice full of well-trained techs?

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