Eliminate Redundancies for a Precise and Compliant Workplace

“Redundant” doesn’t just mean repetitious – two different techs taking eye pressure because the first did not record the reading, for example – redundancy also refers to the needless, the extraneous, the superfluous – those things that are unnecessary. In the medical field, these redundancies can be very costly – a test can only be charged once per visit, meaning that only one of the tests that took place will be reimbursed; wasted motions equal wasted time, which equals money that could have been made but that will not now materialize. These may be small debits, but they add up quickly. A costly nuisance, indeed. But how to avoid them? redundant

A visually appealing home is one in which every item has its proper place – a well-functioning medical office is no different. Are you making use of the unique talents of each of your staff members? Have you identified each individual’s skills and carefully placed them in positions in which they can serve your practice and your patients most effectively? Most importantly, have they received the training necessary to excel in their designated roles?

Many successful practices have employed consultants to observe the inner workings of their offices in a way that management does not typically have the time nor unbiased perspective to do successfully. Such consultants speak directly with the staff, observe from the position of an insider with the perspective of an outsider, and issue a report of their findings, which are incredibly illuminating to administrators. This helps to identify where the weak spots, areas for improvement, and any redundancies and wasted motions observed. Like an auto mechanic who cannot fix a leak until he identifies where the leak is located and what the scope of it is, so too administrators cannot begin to address the issues within their practices until they truly understand what they are, where they are located, and the scope of the problem.

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