Could Your Poorly Trained Tech Be Hurting Your Bottom Line?

Technicians are on the front lines of patient care – in the trenches, battling hard for the success of your practice and striving for an excellent experience for your patients. To have been hired for this position, they were likely selected based on their personalities – soft-spoken, gentle, kind, empathetic, perhaps a strong leader of others. These are all magnificent qualities that certainly contribute to your patients receiving a superior experience over what they might receive at the offices of your competitors. But unless they came to you with certifications already under their belts, their pleasant demeanor and popularity among the patients might not comprise a strong enough contribution to your practice. What of their training? This is a vital qualifier.

Many techs come into your practice with little or no previous experience in your specialized field and are “thrown into the deep end,” expected to learn on the job in a sink or swim scenario. But this is not the only way, nor is it the best way. Formal training in important vocabulary, diseases, disorders, and symptom of such, contact lenses and glasses, refraction and lensometry, scribing and taking medical histories, recording data in EMR software, visual acuity testing, applanation tonometry, calibration of equipment, cleaning of equipment, keratometry, how to stay HIPAA compliant… the list goes on and on. These items are simply too important to keeping your practice running efficiently and compliantly to be left up to chance.

The financial benefits to your practice with a fully formally trained technician can be exponential – more training means less mistakes, less wasted time asking questions, less work for each doctor which would allow them to see more patients per hour – the potential for financial gain is limited only to your tech’s ability to learn. Furthermore, with Meaningful Use requiring those involved in entering sensitive patient information into the EMR system be certified by an accredited body, you risk incurring hefty fines if your techs are not optimally trained. So to stay profitable and compliant, ensure that your techs are formally well-trained! Your patients, doctors, and your balance sheets will notice the difference.

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