“Dear Jane, I need to take a moment to thank you again for your help last week. It seems you do more than just teach people skills and share information. I think somehow you have been able to capture the essence of ophthalmology!! Your approach is so on point, yet understanding and respectful. Thank you! Your commitment to teaching and the way you go about it is quite remarkable. I’m grateful for the experience! Looking forward to your help again soon!”

-Stacy Mahaney, COA, OSC, CPSS, Clinical Supervisor, The Eye Care Center, Canandaigua, NY

“We have been working with Jane Shuman over the past 6 years.  As a result of her work in our practice, we made some changes to our aging office to improve patient flow and efficiency.  Jane has provided guidance to our Clinical Managers as well as educational workshops for our techs, in-house.  We have found that she interacts so well with the technicians and nurses and our entire team looks forward to her visits and presentations both in-house and at large, national meetings.  Thank you for all you do for our practice, Jane!!”

-C. Jolynn Cook, RN, COE, CASC, Administrator, Laurel Eye Clinic, Brookville, PA          

“Sometimes you need someone from “the outside” to help tweak things.  Jane is that someone.  We were in the middle of an expansion adding lanes and we wanted to improve flow.  She made recommendations that were easy to implement and have made a huge difference.  I highly recommend Jane and consider myself fortunate to consider her a colleague and after this work project, a trusted friend.”

-Elise Levine, MAG, CRC, Practice Administrator & Director of Clinical Research, North Valley Eye Medical Group, Mission Hills, CA          

“Our practice hired Jane to evaluate our clinical operations focusing on decreasing patient wait times and evaluating our work flow.  Jane’s vast experience and knowledge allowed her to provide valuable insight to the everyday operations of our practice.  At a glance, she was able to recognize opportunities for improvement.  Her suggestions ranged from patient scheduling and technician training, to clinic equipment recommendations and provider relations.  After her visit, we received a comprehensive evaluation which was a great tool in developing our Action Plans.  Having Jane come to our practice provided us the perfect “view from the outside” to assist us in making our clinical operations more efficient.”

-Beverly King, COE, Administrator, Fishkind Bakewell Maltzman Eye Care, Tucson, AZ

“One of the biggest challenges with transitioning to electronic health records is the need to totally overhaul existing clinic workflows.  Jane Shuman’s expertise and knowledge in the areas of scheduling, clinic support staff, and work up functions can help any practice to improve performance.  I strongly recommend retaining Jane to establish appropriate benchmarks, identify process changes, and achieve greater efficiency.”

-Candy Simerson, COE, President & COO, Minnesota Eye Consultants, PA, Bloomington, MN

“Jane Shuman of Eyetechs has been a fantastic resource to Horizon Eye Care over the past 15 years.  As a result of her observations and suggestions the level of staff performance has increased allowing our physicians to increase their workflow and spend more time with each patient.Jane not only strengthened the skill set of our technical staff and helped them understand how to manage patient flow but also she taught them to question and seek answers which continues to help their growth. Often times she identifies potential obstacles and shows us how to resolve them before they turn into issues.   I wholeheartedly recommend her to any practice regardless of number of physicians or locations.   She will help you make your practice better.”

-Suzanne Bruno, MBA, COE, Horizon Eye Care, Margate, NJ

“Jane’s service to our providers was a great help! She is welcome back anytime. Jane is thoughtful and considerate both while present performing her review and in her written response to administration and physician owners. Well done, Jane!!”

-Tom Burke, CEO, Ophthalmic Consultants of Long Island, Westbury, NY

“As Administrator for an ever changing/ever evolving comprehensive ophthalmology practice I find Jane Shuman’s service to be one of the most important investments our practice makes. Jane’s level of expertise is unsurpassed in evaluating, training and educating our current technicians. Her advice and opinions have made a huge impact on our office.  Our technicians look for forward to her visits for many reasons.  She is someone who understands the daily burdens placed on them but helps them “work smarter” and to focus on the end results.  Jane has been visiting our practice for the past few years and has made numerous suggestions that we have implemented to improve our overall patient flow. During a recent three day on site visit Jane helped me interview two potential lead techs.  Since she has visited us in the past and was familiar with our current technicians she was able to shed light on why she one of the people we were interviewing would be a much better fit over the other.  We all know that Happy Techs = Happy Practice!”

-Vicki Corby, Practice Administrator, Invision, Inc. Lakewood, New Jersey

“Our practice wanted to make education of our technicians a priority this year.  After researching our options and asking doctors and colleagues I got rave reviews about Jane Shuman and Eyetechs.  Jane came to our office on three separate occasions to work with our techs.  The techs got a renewed interest in learning and more than one successfully got certified…so far.  I highly recommend Jane and her team to do training.  She is a wealth of knowledge that can be used on a daily basis.”

-John Lavin, Administrator, Ophthalmic Consultants of Connecticut, Fairfield, CT

“I want to give a shout out to Jane Shuman from Eyetechs. She spent a few days with us this week and I can’t say enough positive about her visit. We are a 3 MD 1 OD practice and have had our share of ups and downs over the past few years. Knew we needed better guidance, just not sure where and how to get it. Our mindset was we are not really big enough to warrant a consultant coming in, we thought they were more used by the higher volume practices. BUT, so glad we finally reached out to her. Very down to earth, certainly knows her stuff. Not just from a clinical standpoint but all aspects of a practice. She works with what you have, respects your opinion and your office dynamics. So, anyone out there on the fence about bringing someone in from the outside or just trying to deal with day to day issues I would definitely recommend her.”

-Kim S. Practice Administrator